What Is Trip Cancellation, Travel Insurance And How Does It Work?


If you have a family, then visa travel insurance is absolutely necessary. It is a great way to ensure that you and your family are not left destitute when an emergency arises. As a matter of fact, a large number of families all over the world depend on travel insurance policies. It should be noted, though, that not all travel insurance policies are created equal. When shopping for travel insurance, it is important to take some time to consider what your travel insurance options are and how they can help to protect you while you are traveling.

Choose SafeTrip as your travel insurance company and they will take care of you in every way. Here are a few of their travel insurance benefits:

Flight Cancellation Coverage. When a trip has been cancelled by a number of different factors, it becomes very difficult to predict the next departure date. However, if you choose SafeTrip travel insurance, you won’t have to worry about getting travel insurance certificates for trips cancelled due to emergencies. The company will provide a flight cancellation coverage which can be accessed once you have paid the premium. This will cover medical costs for those who have been travelling together with you and will also cover the cancellation or delays of flights. You can get travel medical insurance for this purpose as well.

Emergency Travel Medical Insurance. If you become sick or injured while travelling, you may not have the money readily available to pay for medical expenses immediately. In such a scenario, you need to obtain emergency travel medical insurance before you reach your destination. Some of the policies from SafeTrip also include coverage for pre-existing conditions and diseases. Such policies are typically referred to as “Covid-19” policies and are facilitated through the insurance company that operates under the scheme of Comercia.

VISA Travel Insurance Policies. As a policy holder, you can choose between two main types of insurance policies offered by SafeTrip – Covid and Interval International. The two types of coverage differ primarily in the kind of risk exposure the insurer is willing to take on. Your choice of type of insurance policy will be dependent on whether you are a full member countries of any one of the following Visa Waiver and Risk Exposure categories.

Full Memberships Benefit. Under this category, SafeTrip offers travel insurance policies which are provided to all its insured members, regardless of whether they are already covered with another insurance policy. The full benefits of the policy are however limited to those who have invested in travel insurance as a part of a group or organization which is authorized to sell such coverage.

Particular Risk Coverage. Under the particular risk coverage category, SafeTrip offers coverage to its members for specific instances that may lead to flight cancellations, for instance, delayed or denied travel approval or loss or damage of baggage. Other instances in which SafeTrip provides coverage include delays in connection with medical treatment, accident evacuation and assistance at airports. In addition, coverage is also offered to members who become ill, suffer an accident that is their fault or who become injured while on a trip. Coverage is additionally available to members who suffer damage to their personal belongings while travelling and who lose their baggage.

Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance. Under the emergency medical evacuation and assistance category, SafeTrip covers expenses for emergency medical evacuations or assistance to applicants who have become ill, get injured or are involved in natural or terrorist related events. For this service, the agency provides support from certified flight and medical escort services which are either located within the country of destination or have connections with medical evacuation teams outside the country. Some of the medical evac teams that SafeTrip often backs include Royal Air Force, Army medics, Indian army and Nepal military. The service additionally includes assistance during the repatriation process. However, SafeTrip does not provide coverage for medical evacuation in situations such as earthquake or civil unrest.