Travel Insurance for Cuba


You’ve heard the horror stories about travel insurance scams – the ones in which the unsuspecting traveler is left far behind when his or her travel insurance policy finally expires. But even if your travel insurance company does provide coverage for your Cuba travel, it may not be enough. In fact, you may need to add travel medical insurance to your already existing travel insurance policy.

Yes, proof of travel insurance coverage is needed for all international travelers to Cuba! Unfortunately, virtually all travel insurance policies that cover Cuba travel are often very affordable, and will not make a huge difference in your travel expenses. But the majority of travel insurance firms don’t cover Cuba travel insurance policies at all. Unless you specifically ask for it!

Cuba travel insurance policies generally don’t offer travel medical coverage. Unless you are traveling to an island in which the health care system is extremely poor, or if you are simply desperate for medical care, you may not need to worry about obtaining any sort of travel medical insurance. Cuba health care is in the development stage, so there isn’t any real need for medical coverage. However, travel medical insurance is highly recommended.

Travel insurance companies are notorious for “hidden” fees. One of these is the “advance payment fee”. Some insurers require you to pay this fee up front before your coverage kicks in. Other insurers will let you get around this fee by paying your first month’s premiums on an installment basis, and then paying your advance amount at the end of your travel insurance contract.

Another “hidden” fee is the cancellation fee. Most countries have “expedited departure” options that allow you to leave the country during the event of a medical emergency, and some countries also have a one-day fly out option that allows you to leave and return to normal life within a few hours. Your travel insurance provider may not cover you for these flights and one-day fly-out experiences, so it’s highly recommended that you get a separate rider or coverage to cover these scenarios.

Many countries require that you get special travel insurance to cover your medical expenses in the event of a plane crash. The Department of State lists all of the countries with special medical coverage details on their web site. You can use this list to find the countries that would allow you to travel without first purchasing a coverage policy. In most cases, these policies will provide coverage for most (if not all) of your medical expenses. You can use the list to compare travel insurance policies and see which ones would be best for your Cuba travel plans.

If you are travelling to more than one destination, you’ll need travel insurance to cover your medical costs when you are between destinations. This is generally cheaper than getting separate coverage, but you should also make sure that you can actually afford the premium. If you’re travelling from the United States, Canada or Europe to Cuba, you will likely need travel insurance, even if the primary purpose of your trip is to visit family members. People who are regularly travelling back and forth between the US, Europe and Cuba will need travel insurance to cover their medical expenses in any case.

Some travel insurance providers provide specialized travel insurance for people travelling to and from Cuba. These policies may be specific to the island of cuba or may include coverage for all of the Caribbean. They typically have very high premiums because they specifically target travellers to the island of cuba. The coverage is usually limited to medical conditions, but there are some comprehensive travel insurance policies available to cover other risks associated with travel to and from cuba. Your Cuba travel insurance specialist can help you determine the most appropriate travel insurance policy for your travel to and from Cuba.