Travel Insurance Direct


Buy your travel insurance direct from the insurance companies like British Airways, Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, US Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, British Trojans, and Royal Caribbean International amongst others as most offer comprehensive, medical travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance and various other travel insurances. If you’ve just booked your travel through travel brokers such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Webjet, Hello World Plus or many others consider taking out Travel Insurance right away to make sure you’re fully covered for possible cancellation fees immediately. It’s not just for the rich anymore!

In spite of what the travel insurance companies might say, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions, such as asthma or diabetes. For these and several other ailments, consider getting it independently bought from a travel insurance specialist company. They also cover family travel plans that include children and spouses traveling together as there are special policies tailored specifically to them. There’s also the option of purchasing travel insurance for all travellers together if you happen to travel frequently with friends or families. There are several websites that provide online quotes on travel insurance so it won’t cost you a single penny to get estimates and compare.

So how do travel insurance direct protect you when something unexpected happens? Usually when covered directly by a travel insurance policy, cancellation costs will be limited to the fare already paid and not to any additional tickets or travel packages purchased. Cancellation is usually due to some unforeseen circumstances, such as delays at the airport or bus terminal, illness or even bad weather conditions. The travel insurance companies usually provide coverage for lost bags, delayed departure, delayed pick-up and rebooking, damage to personal possessions, theft, delayed travel and damage to vehicles. When covered directly by your travel insurance, these are the things that travel insurance direct can actually help you with.

If you travel regularly and have expensive travel insurance direct can also provide assistance in the event that your luggage is lost or delayed. Some policies cover loss of luggage or delayed luggage. Some policies may pay for costs involved in locating and replacing the luggage. There are policies which will cover the costs involved in getting another luggage or checking-in the new luggage and so on. Travel insurance direct can actually give you extra assistance to get things back on track in the event that they are already delayed.

Most travel insurance policies will have a deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium will be. So the main thing to look for in a quote is the amount of the deductible. You should also check the total coverage provided. Is the coverage sufficient for the total costs involved in your travel? Some companies may only cover specific aspects of your journey, which means it is important to find out what exactly is covered in a quote you are considering.

What about pandemics? As the September 11th anniversary approaches, travel insurers will be more actively engaging pandemics preparedness efforts. As we all know, pandemics are highly contagious and can be fatal. Many people die each year from the effects of these diseases. If you travel to areas in the world where pandemics are common, you may want to consider a quote for travel insurance direct to cover in the event of a pandemic.

While you can get quotes for travel insurance direct from any insurance company, it is still best to consult with a professional travel insurance advisor. A good advisor will be familiar with the different types of cover available and the specific needs of each scenario. Your travel advisor will also know the current trends regarding cover which can make your search a bit easier. If you travel to high risk locations, for example, it can be worth looking into cover which can help protect you if you become sick or injured. These types of policies are often called “bunded” travel insurance policies because you pay a premium to insure against risks that are common to your journey. For example, if you travel to Africa on business, you could find yourself covered against the risk of a deadly disease and paid a lower premium as a result.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. If you are travelling abroad (particularly in countries outside your own), you are at risk. However, you can reduce the chance of an accident by paying a little more for your travel insurance. The cost of your cover depends on the details of the policy. In general, the higher your annual return rate, the more you will pay for your cover. It is worthwhile finding out what is included in your quote, as this can influence how much you pay for your trip.