Travel Insurance Direct

  Buy your travel insurance direct from the insurance companies like British Airways, Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, US Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, British Trojans, and Royal Caribbean International amongst others as most offer comprehensive, medical travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance and various other travel insurances. If you’ve just booked your … Read more

Geico Travel Insurance Reviews

  GEICO travel insurance is one of the most popular travel insurance policies. People who buy GEICO travel insurance are protected against many of the worries that they face during trips. Travel insurance can provide peace of mind for those who want to travel but do not want to take a chance on their health. … Read more

Allianz Travel Insurance: Is It Worth It?

  If you are planning a trip to a European destination this winter, you should look into Allianz Travel insurance. This is because this travel company is able to provide coverage for just about every type of travel medical emergency you could have. They have different types of policies for business travel, leisure travel, and … Read more

Information on Chase Travel Insurance

  Are you currently planning on traveling or doing business overseas? Chances are you already know the risks involved in getting yourself and your belongings caught in an emergency. There is no guessing game involved when it comes to health travel insurance as a precautionary measure. You never know when bad things can happen to … Read more

Buy Travel Insurance Overseas For Emergencies

  If you are traveling abroad, or planning on travelling outside your own country, you need to consider carefully whether or not medical insurance will cover you during your trip. There are two types of travel medical insurance: indemnity policies and travel-specific plans. In the interest of clarity, indemnity policies are those that pay for … Read more

Allianz Global Travel Insurance Guide

  Allianz Global Travel Insurance is an international travel insurance company that provides coverage for virtually all types of travel. They offer discount travel insurance policies to travelers, but most importantly they offer low-cost travel insurance quotes. A traveler can find a variety of allianz global travel insurance policies from this company. They have travel … Read more

The Best Travel Insurance Reviews

  If you are planning on going on any trip, be it for business or pleasure, and have yet to find the right travel insurance policy, then it is high time you did just that. At Compare By Review, believe that affordable travel insurance is not always the best travel insurance and if you make … Read more

Why Buy Concierge Travel Insurance?

  CSA Travel Insurance is sponsored by Europe Aid, an insurer company that specializes in offering travel insurance worldwide. CSAProtection is also the provider for the CSA Travel Guard Plan, a unique international senior citizen travel insurance program. The CSA Travel Insurance Plan is designed to provide affordable travel cancellation insurance even for those travelers … Read more