American Express Platinum Travel Insurance Tips


You’ve heard of American Express Platinum Travel Insurance… and you’ve probably seen their advertisements on television. They’re one of the cheapest travel insurance companies in the world. And they are good at it. But as far as Travel Insurance quotes go, Amex Platinum is like the laminated lawn sign that’s located at the end of a long road. It’s there, and you can read it, but you can’t do much with it.

Amex Platinum Travel Insurance isn’t helpful to you unless you die. Because what Amex calls Travel Accident Coverage is really Death and Dismemberment Insurance, except that what Amex calls Travel Accident Coverage is really just Death and Injury Insurance. You should be careful though, because Amex Platinum Travel Insurance also covers you for things like “personal injury liability,” “caricino disease,” and “fishing gear.” If you take their travel insurance plans, and cancel your trip, the company will cover you for all those things, as well as death. So if something happens to you, do note that the company is also covered by the government, in case something happens to someone else while traveling on your Amex Platinum Travel Insurance. Just be sure to read the fine print of your plan and make sure you understand how much coverage you’re getting.

When it comes to American Express Travel Insurance, there are two basic types of coverage: accident benefits and travel medical insurance. The first type of coverage pays for medical expenses you might get in the course of being injured in a plane crash, on a skiing mountain, or while visiting the Grand Canyon. The second type of coverage will cover the costs of travel related to an accident you cause in an accident, while drinking your own urine, or falling off of a horse. So, if you drink yourself into a stupor, or cause an accident where you get hurt, you can be sued for those expenses.

Another category American Express Platinum Travel Insurance carriers include coverage for various other medical conditions. For example, you can get coverage for “acute illness” if you suffer from a chronic medical condition, or an “accidental injury” that resulted from using a defective product. Many of these “acute illnesses” and “accidents” won’t require you to seek medical treatment, but rather, the company will pay for it for you. Some “accidents” might require you to go to the emergency room of a hospital, but American Express will pay for it. So, this is a great option for people who are afraid to go to the doctor because they can’t afford it, and don’t have health insurance.

The third category American Express Platinum Travel Insurance policies offer is the “wishbone” waiver. With this waiver, you agree not to sue the company for any claims. This is great if you have a family member that has a special needs child, or a pet that has special needs. These special needs can include special diets and medical treatments that are required for your pet.

Finally, American Express Platinum Travel Insurance also offers trip insurance options in the form of Aardy travel insurance. Aardy travel insurance is travel insurance that covers all of the aspects of your trip, whether you’re dealing with problems at the airport, problems while you’re traveling, emergencies while you’re abroad, as well as cancellation benefits. American Express offers this type of plan for their Platinum members, which is definitely worth looking into.

All in all, American Express Platinum Travel Insurance offers many great benefits and coverage options to their members. The company prides itself on making sure that its customers’ needs are met, and that’s why they offer so much coverage. When you sign up for this plan, you get all the benefits that platinum members get, without any of the frills or extra fees that you might find from other insurance companies. You also get excellent medical protection, trip cancellation assistance, emergency travel assistance, and all the benefits that the traditional plans may not provide. This means that you get to enjoy everything that platinum plans offer, without paying anything extra for it.

In addition, American Express Platinum Travel Insurance has a special cover called trip cancellation insurance. This plan provides coverage for situations where your flight is cancelled. This means that if your flight is cancelled, and you have purchased the right cover, then you will be able to travel to your destination. You will only need to purchase the additional travel insurance when your trip is cancelled, which will provide additional coverage.