Allianz Global Travel Insurance Guide


Allianz Global Travel Insurance is an international travel insurance company that provides coverage for virtually all types of travel. They offer discount travel insurance policies to travelers, but most importantly they offer low-cost travel insurance quotes. A traveler can find a variety of allianz global travel insurance policies from this company. They have travel medical insurance policies that cover specific illnesses and all-inclusive travel insurance policies that provide coverage for any travel-related expenses.

The coverage options provided by Allianz global are varied. You have the choice between coverage for pets, sport activities, travel delays, missed connections, delayed departure, as well as emergency medical services. If you have a trip coming up soon, consider purchasing a sapphire. This type of sapphire protects your investment in case of theft or loss. A Chase Sapphire Travel Protection Plan even includes a one-time, maximum residual payouts of up to $1500 for trips outside of the United States.

One of the allianz global travel insurance products is the Chase Sapphire Reserve. This plan offers cash savings of five percent on every purchase and up to fifteen percent on every draw against the plan. This plan also gives you one free year of unlimited coverage on all of your purchases. Additionally, the discount you receive from this plan will help you to pay less for your premium each month. A good bottom line is that you will pay less for this type of coverage as well as enjoy more perks and benefits.

Allianz global travel insurance policies are offered in both standard as well as limited plans. Generally speaking, a standard plan will cover you for any travel-related expenses that you incur. However, there are some limits to the coverage limits of some plans. It’s important that you read the fine print of any plan you are considering.

There are three different types of Allianz global travel insurance packages available to you. The most basic of all is called the single trip coverages. These covers you for only one trip within a defined geographical location. They generally cover you for either round-trip travel or one-way trips. Your reimbursement is usually calculated on a per diem basis which means that it is based on the actual cost of airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and tickets.

The second option is the dual travel insurance option. If you need to travel internationally or outside of your country at least once during the course of a year, you should consider this type of plan. For this type of coverage you will be granted coverage for twelve months. The reimbursing period is usually four to twelve months depending on the time length of the trip. This type of plan also has an unlimited mileage reimbursement feature.

The last option is the annual trip travel insurance coverage. This is the most comprehensive travel insurance coverage available. This plan covers you for an entire year regardless of how many trips you take within a twelve month period. Unlike the single trip option, you are only charged for coverage on one trip. This is considered the better deal because you will receive greater benefits than if you chose the single trip option.

You should always read through the fine print of any policy you are considering. This includes the fine print on the policies offered by Allianz global. The company has a reputation for offering excellent coverage but they do not offer anything in excess. If you have an issue with a claim, you may want to consider calling their customer service center instead of relying on their toll-free number. While their support is great, you should expect to be treated like a VIP with their assistance if you are in need of support.